Male Quartz Recycler Banger w/ Quartz Knot - 14mm

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Drop in your favorite concentrates into this quartz recycler, featuring a quartz knot. Be generous with the amount of concentrate you drop in, knowing you the recycler tube feeds back into the banger bucket to ensure all your wax is used.

The recycling banger is equipped with a removable quartz knot which provides the right amount of surface area for all your dabs to vaporize on. Before taking a hit, heat your banger bucket with the quartz knot in place, and add your favorite waxes or oils to vaporize and enjoy. Rest assured that you’ll get the most from your dabs with this ingenious recycling/vaporizing design.

Use on most popular dab rigs, select from our 14mm or 18mm male joints.

  • Material: Quartz
  • Features: (1) Quartz recycler with a (1) quartz knot
  • 14mm male attachment