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January 17- 23 We were able to lay the foundation for the 4 new greenhouses this week. It was a lot of work but was also alot of fun to use the machines to work the pad. We started by taking off the top layer of grass and dirt. Once we had the land cleared we were able to use the blade of the skid steer to grade the ground so that the water would not pool in an spots. After the pad was level and graded we added a layer of rock/ clay as a secondary floor. The picture is from when we had set the piles of the clay on the pad. This pad took two dump truck loads of top dirt. Once we had the dirt evenly set out on the pad we went back with the machine and packed the top layer down. We then used a long board to check our level. Any spots that were not flat we were able to fill in wiht the blade.

I would recomend this project to anyone who is thinking about bulding a greenhouse or doing anykind of skid steer or bobcat work. It was not a difficult project and the savings on renting the machine versus hiring somone were astronomical. We were able to get seven days of work in using a Home Depot rental for the price of one day using the local guys.

We also were able to utlize the machine to work on our roads and our pond.  Our roads had not been worked on is some time and were starting to develop some rutts. We were able to fill in the ruts and also widen the road. This will allow the delivery trucks to acces the lower fields as opposed to having to drop off materals at the top gates. We also were also to spread out one dump truck load of crush and run gravel on the slope of the driveway. Overall it was a verry productive week. 

Next week we look forward to starting work on assembling the greenhouses. We are also excited about planning on planting some lavender seeds this week as well. Hopefulle we will have great weather. 

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